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Born in 1980 in Worcester, MA, Jason Potvin is an international artist from the generation that has emerged in the wake of major religious, social, political and technological upheaval. 


Through his work, you can see the many changes that are taking place in this time period as we started shifting from the purely material and included the integration of newer technologies.


His process is the integration of understanding reality and how dreams and the subconscious both influence our creative imagination.


Revolutionizing / Redefining the concept of creative imagination and process is what makes Jason stand out among other modern artists. This approach of deconstructing the endless search for the absolute and the undefinable meaning and seeing art as a complex creation.


Observing and experiencing instead of trying to logically structure and/or understand. Jason’s art reflects one’s own deeper feelings. It serves like a prism for looking inside yourself and the outside world.


This art is a bridge connecting what one can see, touch and what one can feel or experience.


It is art coming from the Present, for the present is the only place where we truly reside.


Which reveals life and emotion in it’s most perfectly / imperfect moments.   

He has studied with many painters, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers, and philosophers. Through this process, he absorbed the acute attention to various forms of creativity associated with expression.


His work can be found in a myriad of public and private art collections and exhibitions in the United States, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, England, Nepal, and India.


Jason currently lives and works in Brooklyn and Paris.


As the founder of The Consciousness Collective; an organization dedicated to the experience of enlightenment through creativity in action, he curates and assists other artists to bring their vision to the public.




2005 / Together Forever, Remote Gallery, New York 


2007 / The Art of Letting Go, 717 Gallery, Greenpoint, New York


2012 / Rest Eyes Here, Family Business, New York


2013 / When Colour Speaks, Joy Wai Gallery, New York


2013 / Awareness and Creativity, The United Nations, New York


2013 / Light From The North, The Scandinavian House, New York 


2013 / Ghosts of Drancy, Paris, Gallery Boudoir 


2014 / Liquid Talent & Flavorpill Presents Tech & Art, Flavorpill, New York


2014 / Samsung, Note The Difference Campaign, New York

2015 / Moved To Paris*


2016 / Bobby Pins, Strange News From A Distant Star, Paris

2017 / Return From Paris Hiatus / Meditation / Recreate

2018 / Sebastien Nedjar Project (Sculpture, Highline NYC)

2019 / Abdul Fattah Ismael "Extended Syllables" (AudioBook Proj)

The Consciousness Collective
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