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On The Written Word In A Blank Page.


Before a painting is even created there is an arduous process that happens. This arduous process is much like the way you would walk from the valley, up to the top of a mountain and back down a valley again. These are those heights and depths of inner consciousness outwardly expressed. The expression comes from a spark much like a fire but you have to have dry kindling and a place where the fire will burn. This is also how passion is transformed into compassion.

The Written Word In A Blank Page. Essays On Process.


Essays on the creative process and other such relevant subjects that illuminate the thought processes that go into collections of paintings. These are essays on creativity, human consciousness, religion, science, occult, esoteric, technology and their impacts on these works. The computer only shows us answers but life shows us that answers are not the only things we need. We have to be able to go through the process of transformation not just get to the end result. There is a lot of things to consider on the journey of life and mastery. You don't just wake up all at once. You don't just master infinity. You have to be able to walk the walk and not just talk about it. The objective is the object. The subject is about.

Serious Absurdity. Seriously Absurd Writings Going NowHere.


When you know the babel is the tower that falls down on itself then you know that you can write in circles that go around and around so nothing will be impressed. The less you try to force people to see something that you want is the more you know that you are the force and that snake you can't taunt. If you can drink the poison you know the antidote. To get to the castle you have to cross through the moat. This life all it is serious absurdity. You are your own lock and your own key.

A Conflict Between. Paradoxical Writings In Polarity and Harmony.


When you know that what you know will never be finished then you go where you go undiminished. When you think and you think and it brings you nowhere then you drink and drink from the water banks two edges. In between that is a bet that never hedges. Silence in the space in between words is existence. Unless you only see duality and the poles it creates in distance. Occult is the meaning of what is unseen but in order to see that you have to look underneath. Then you can see the foundation. The architect only knows this elation. Seek beyond your sex, race, creed, science, breed, religion and nation. You are your own paradox.

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